Wow auctioneer .lua data exporter

1. Auc-Db.lua file:

(Found typically in C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\WTF\Account\YOURNAME\SavedVariables\Auc-Db.lua)

2. Submit button:

27.2.2011 : Added compatibility for Cataclysm item names.
21.9.2010 : Fixed redirection bug, which caused errors in past few days. Sorry, there's allways some trouble with moving.
17.9.2010 : Moved to new, faster server. Sorry for poor availability in past two days.
14.9.2010 : Output extension (parsing statistics, unique realm id's, wowarmory item id's ), other minor code improvements
5.6.2010 : Major speed enhancement. Now, the script is capable of handling large Auc-Db.lua files (up to 20MB) in one run.

The script is under heavy development (proudly since 5.5.2009 :), any suggestions or bug reports are welcome on my email.

By submitting you agree with use of the data in economic research. Absolutely no personal information is stored, only AH (Auction House) data. If you are interested in broader panel data gathered in this way (for research purposes only!), contact me.

That's it, enjoy and thanks for your feedback
Jiri Skuhrovec / Author
Charles University, Prague
Czech Technical University, Prague
The web has been supported by Charles University Grant Agency (GAUK) grant no. 59910